Istioctl "routes" only lists FQDN, no partial domain names?

Running Istio 1.4.2, after upgrade from 1.1.11.

When using istioctl to display the routes for a given pod, the only “domains” listed for a “virtualHost” are for the destination Service’s FQDN and its ClusterIP. There are no “domains” listed for partial domain names. This results in traffic sent to the partial domain name to hit the PassthroughCluster (which causes subsequent issues).

Is there some configuration parameter that we set incorrectly?
Is there something that needs to be set such that the partial domain names are listed for the VirtualHosts?

For example, listing port 80 routes for a pod shows only FQDNs:
$ ./istioctl -i fed-istio proxy-config routes myPod.fed-abc -o json --name 80
“name”: “80”,
“virtualHosts”: [
“name”: “analyzer-86c8ffdf4d-5pmrl.fed-abc.svc.cluster.local:80”,
“domains”: [
“routes”: [
“name”: “default”,
“match”: {
“prefix”: “/”
“route”: {
“cluster”: “outbound|80||analyzer-86c8ffdf4d-5pmrl.fed-abc.svc.cluster.local”,
“timeout”: “0s”,

Caused by an incomplete “–domain” argument in the istio-proxy template.
Not sure why, but the value from “values.yaml” didn’t get applied to this template by “helm template”, and we didn’t have it in our own Helm values.yaml.
istio-1.4.2/install/kubernetes/helm/istio/files/injection-template.yaml:88: - $(POD_NAMESPACE).svc.{{ }}

Now see the correct domain output from istioctl routes:
“name”: “hello-world.fed-example.svc.cluster.local:80”,
“domains”: [
“routes”: [