JWT claims validation

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is there any vision to support JWT claims contents validation in istio?

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What kind of content validation you want to make ?

Right now, you can check the user (via its jwt) have a specific claim to associtate him to a specific ServiceRole and ServiceRoleBinding.

You have some inbformation about this in the RBAC documentation in the istio documentation

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Yeah, currently we support simple string match on JWT claims. In 1.1, we will also support matching on claim of list string: https://preliminary.istio.io/docs/tasks/security/rbac-groups/#configure-the-authorization-of-list-typed-claims.

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Thank you, is this was provided with Istio 1.1 or was reported to 1.2.

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It’s available in 1.1: https://istio.io/docs/tasks/security/rbac-groups/

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Thank you for your reply