K8s Ingress and changing inbound ports for istio-ingressgateway

We have a k3s kubernetes clusters that already have a traefik ingress controller listening on ports 80 and 443. Thus I adapted the istio-ingressgateway to listen on ports 8080 and 8443 so they would not clash with traefik. This works fine for ingress using a Gateway and Virtualservice, but not for the Istio k8s Ingress. If I remove the traefik ingress and put istio-ingressgateway back to ports 80 and 443 istio k8s Ingress works. We have the clusters fronted by an AWS NLB that translates 80->8080 (and 443->8443) so the ports the istio-ingressgateway is listening on does not matter. Thus how do I get istio k8s Ingress working on different ports on the ingressgateway?

Am quite new to Istio so be gentle with me :slight_smile: