Kiali 0.21 is now available

We are pleased to announce that Kiali 0.21 is available. We’re targeting to promote Kiali to a 1.0 release and we spent most of this sprint’s time working on stability and improving the content of our website .

Kiali 0.21 Features:

How to install Kiali in Istio:

How to upgrade Kiali from an existing installation:

We are working on defining the next steps for Kiali. Please, help us with your feedback and collaboration: feature requests, bugs or pull requests are most welcome !

This is great, hearty congrats! Any plan to move to 0.21 or later in Istio 1.3? I tried to give Kiali 0.21 a shoutout in istio 1.2 relnote yesterday but realized we are still on 0.20’s Kiali for 1.2.


Kiali is in the home stretch of a 1.0 release coming soon. Rather than rock the boat in Istio, we were just planning on keeping the Istio helm charts to install Kiali v0.20. I think we can get Kiali 1.0 into Istio 1.3, and perhaps even in a 1.2.x release.