Kubernetes ingresses are not picked up by the ingress gateway

Hi people!

I’m stumped. I want to use Kubernetes ingresses to configure the ingress gateway. But the ingresses are not picked up by the ingress gateway. Can anybody offer any hints?

I have created an ingressclass and ingresses as described here: Istio / Kubernetes Ingress

To verify that the ingress gateway worked at all I created an equivalent gateway and a couple of virtualservices and they where picked up and work.

I’m using version 1.13.4 of istio.

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I got the same issue on EKS. The istio version is 1.13.3. But the ingress does work on my local minikube with istio 1.13.1

Interesting. I’m also on EKS. Do you by any chance also have AWS Load Balancer Controller deployed?

My deployment is alb loadbalancer → alb ingress → istio-ingressgateway service
Everything works if I manually created istio gateway and virtual service for an application. But it fails to get access to the application if I just created a k8s ingress and let Istio automatically create gw and vs. It always returns 404.

One basic checking - ensure your ingress is configured to use the ingress gateway controller

Otherwise, I do not believe it will be picked up by the gateway

Thanks for the answer. But this code is from Contour. I don’t see how it has anything to do istio.

Previous is just an example to help you understand the filter.
You should follow your controller.

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