Location of istio-operator chart repo

I have been waiting for istio 1.6.0 operator to be installed as helm chart . I have tried today from:

Error: failed to fetch https://storage.googleapis.com/istio-release/releases/1.6.0/charts/index.yaml : 404 Not Found

Does anyone knows where does operator chart gets deployed ?

resource “helm_release” “istio_operator” {
count = var.istio_operator[“enabled”] ? 1 : 0
name = “istio-operator”
namespace = kubernetes_namespace.istio-system[count.index].metadata[0].name
repository = data.helm_repository.istio-repository[count.index].metadata[0].name
chart = “istio-operator”
version = “1.6.0”

Interested in this too. Seems a bit silly to add in a submodule to each of my cluster configuration management repositories simply to get a chart.