Looking for working example for Istio - 1.9.2 and KeyCloak for External Authorization

Hello Istio Users and @YangminZhu ,

I was trying to to implement external istio authorization and following https://istio.io/latest/blog/2021/better-external-authz/

I want similar example with KeyCloak as external OIDC, could you please redirect me to a blog. I can’t find anything which is working. Thank you in advance.

I do not have working example for KeyCloak for now, but if it supports OIDC, it should be working with the new external authz feature.

You could also try to use the oauth2-proxy that has built-in support for general OIDC protocol (https://oauth2-proxy.github.io/oauth2-proxy/docs/configuration/oauth_provider#openid-connect-provider), see External Authorization with OAuth_Proxy2 GET 404 for some examples of using oauth2-proxy in Istio.