Mixer V2 timelines

Is Mixer V2 being targeted for a certain version of Istio ? I am specifically looking for the timelines for the policy enforcement functionality of mixer v2.



Prometheus based telemetry might be able to come out for 1.3, I don’t know policy part timeline.

@YangminZhu might be able to comment more on this.

I think @kuat @mandarjog should have better knowledge on the mixer v2 timeline.

For the policy enforcement, are you looking for the in-process adapter? You might want to take a look at authorization v2 policy which is planned for 1.4 for the initial release, we’ll continue working on it to make it support more use cases that is previously covered by Mixer check rules.

The current focus is on the telemetry side since it has a larger performance impact. Are you looking into the out-of-process policy extension or in-process policy extension?

For out-of-process policies, we will continue to run Mixer v1 in the near term. Mixer v1/v2 can be run together if needed.
For in-process policies, you can use any of envoy solutions (RBAC, Lua) in the near term.

At telemetry side, what will be the timeline to move existing features into Envoy itself?

Thank you.