Modify Grafana.ini with Istio

Hi everyone

I am currently working with AKS and creating through terraform the Kubernetes and the installation of Istio.
I don’t know if there is any way to modify the Grafana configuration in that installation.

I also found this link:

The link tells me that I can create a Configmap to use that configmap as a configuration.
However, it tells me the following: “And now you need to pass the ConfigMap name, to the corresponding parameters: config.useGrafanaIniFile = true and config.grafanaIniConfigMap = myconfig.”

But I don’t know how to apply these commands for the use of ConfigMap.

I also tried to access the pod and modify the file but it indicates that I don’t have the permissions to modify the file.

If you could help me please.

Any idea for this problem?

any idea for this please ?