Mounting persistentVolumeClaim to istio-proxy


How can I mount a persistentVolumeClaim inside an istio-proxy?

I’ve successfully mounted a ConfigMap via the following command:

kubectl patch deployment --namespace test myapp -p ‘{“spec”:{“template”:{“metadata”:{“annotations”:{“":"[{"name":"some-name","configMap": {"name": "my-config-map"}}]”,“":"[{"mountPath":"/var/local/lib/myconfig","name":"some-name"}]”}}}}}’

How can I do the same thing with a volume instead? I could not find any documentation nor example, help appreciated !

Looks like I’ve found the answer here: istio/pkg/kube/inject/testdata/inject/user-volume.yaml.injected at 3d979f26775fafe2a333b319d8c44b451ea1e02c · istio/istio · GitHub

I will give a try to {“persistentVolumeClaim”:{“claimName”:“pvc-claim”}} !