Multi Cluster Aggregated Telemetry


We are planning to use Istio (1.0.6) in our AKS cluster and will be deployed in multiple regions. We would like to get the consolidated view of metrics and logs across the clusters and the same need to be exposed via the gateway endpoint. Do we have any pointers or references?


In Istio 1.0.6 we had only the flat network Multi-Cluster and the instructions there are showing how to use the Mixer on the local cluster collect telemetry from the local and remote(s) clusters. Basically it creates a telemetry service on the remote cluster with an endpoint that points to the local telemetry service.

In Istio 1.1 we will introduced two new ways for setting MC on non-flat network - with a primary control plane and control plane per cluster. The single control plane will also be able to aggregate telemetry from the various connected clusters.


Thanks @ymesika. If we have singe control plane then it may become a single point of failure. If the cluster/region is down then we may not be able to get the aggregated view. Correct me if am wrong. With Istio1.1, if we are going to have primary control plane and control plane per cluster, lets say if primary cluster/region goes down will the other will act as primary by default?


@ymesika Could you help me with my above question?