Multi-cluster services not resolving

I have a monitoring cluster that runs all elastic components and then other clusters that are part of the mesh.

I have gone through all the validation and every succeeded, the primary difference with this test/sample setup is that both clusters have teh same namespace/service, whereas in my configuration I just want one cluster to handle the elasticsearch stuff. So the elasticsearch service (and namespace) only lives in the monitoring cluster, but its not reachable in the shared-services cluster.

The entries are in the istio registry: kubectl exec -it -n istio-system deployment/istiod-1-19-3 -- curl -s 'localhost:15014/debug/registryz'

Running istio proxy-status --context=$CTX_CLUSTER1 only shows entries for services in CLUSTER1 and those that exist in both clusters, vice versa for CLUSTER2. Can someone help point me in the right direction?

istioctl proxy-status does not support multi cluster. But it doesn’t mean your service is not resolving.

Ok thank you!

For non uniform services I am fairly sure if I need to enable DNS proxying so that cluster1.serviceA will be resolvable from any pod (that has envoy injected) in cluster2. In this case serviceA is elasticsearch, my initial thought was to create a private DNS zone and use external-dns to sync these but if I can do it with just istio that is definitely preferable.

Yes, @smigula With dns proxy enabled, you should not need external-dns

Thank you so much! I had to reinit istiod and it works perfect.