Multi-Primary on different networks with different Trust Domains

Hello everyone! We are setting up Multi-Primary on different networks (multi primary set up), but we need to use different Trust domains for clusters. We found a possible workaround to specify Trust domain aliases (trustDomainAliases), however, it is not an ideal solution, since new clusters should be able to join dynamically, so we do not know its trust domain alias value beforehand, and as I understood trustDomainAliases do not accept wild card, we use istio 1.16.4. Is there any better solution for our scenario, or am I missing smth? Thank you for your help!

example of master-cluster-values.yaml

        trustDomain: 'master-trust-domain-known-value'
        - 'minion-cluster-not-known-beforehand-trustdomain'
        - 'minion2-cluster-not-known-beforehand-trustdomain '