Multicluster Bookinfo application not routing properly

Can anyone help me figure out the demo for istio multicluster?

I set up two kubernetes cluster with Isito enabled. (One on IKS and One on Oracle Cloud)

followed the instruction in the url above and the example worked.

But then I was trying to get the example from to work and the request is not being sent to reviews-v3.

If anyone has some ideas on where I should be looking or some article or material to follow I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thanks Mofi,

I did help with this after verifying I had the same issue. A workable solution was to use a modified reviews-v3.yaml from the example (I pulled the pieces from the current booking.yaml) and the had to force an update by applying the default destination rules and then deleting them (when the DRs were in place the app failed to work).

I do want to create an issue for this, maybe two since I think we want to update the docs with the new yaml, and probably need some investigation why the config update doesn’t happen until the apply/delete of the DRs happen…