Multicluster Service Mesh with gateway connectivity and Tracing

Hi all, I’m working on an istio service mesh with gateway connectivity so I’ll have multiple control plane managing their endpoints.
What about distributed tracing with this topology?
I mean, if I have a microservice M1 in cluster C1 communicating with microservice M2 in cluster C2 and, M2 communicating with microservice M3 always inside C2 what happens?
What I can see about tracing from cluster 1?
Thx for replies!

For cross-cluster tracing, I believe that you will want to have a single tracing service to which you are exporting all trace information. This should be possible with the helm install options for Istio.

Yes I would have a single tracing service, but how can I do that with helm install?
I’ll try to explain me better:
Cluster1.namespace1.Service1 -> Cluster2.namespace2.Service2 -> Cluster2.namespace3.service3
Is there any way to have observability of service3 in cluster1?

Have you seen the global.tracer.zipkin.address install option? If each cluster is configured to point to the same host for tracing, this should just work (you may want a service entry for the service in your clusters, etc.).

Understood! I’ll try.
And what about injection of Destination Rules, Virtual Services, Gateways etc… from cluster1 to cluster2?
I mean, can I control from cluster1 the cluster2 in this type of multicluster istio topology? Or should I choose another type of topology?
I look at the “cluster-aware service routing” that has one single control plane but it seems that duplicate (almost) the service is needed, am I right?