Opportunities in Istio

Hello everyone,

We currently have a lot of openings in the Istio community.

1.10 Release Managers – we usually have three release managers in Istio. For 1.10, we are still looking for two more. You can find more information on the role here: release manager expectations · istio/istio Wiki · GitHub.

Workgroup Leads – Currently, every work group except for the Product Security Work Group and the Security Work Group is short at least one lead. More information on the lead role can be found here: community/ROLES.md at 92790376bc96f4b333ca6f36721eecaab10701d3 · istio/community · GitHub. If you have an interest in the Istio and meet the qualifications, please reach out to the respective leads.

Both of these are excellent opportunities to build leadership skills, build more influence in the Istio community, and to help steer the future direction of Istio. If you’re interested, we’d love to have you.