Override gateway envoy configuration


Hi !

As @lukaszzalewski in Rate Limiting in non-mesh kube pods, I’m trying to configure rate limiting without using the mesh (I only use the traffic management with blue/green deployments features).

I figured it’s not possible with the rl integrated to istio but that I could overwrite the envoy config. I identified 3 places I would need to update:

  • filters => I can use custom EnvoyFilters
  • global rate limit service
  • listeners (for rate limiting actions)

I guess but I’m not sure that I could change the bootstrap config when i launch pilot-agent proxy to configure the global rate limit service.

However, I’d still need to configuration the rate limiting actions. What are my options ? Can I do it without changing the code of istio/pilot ? If not, would a PR to make it more general would be welcomed ? Could you point me where the changes should occur ?