Please assist me with using EnvoyFilter.RouteConfigurationMatch (Action DIRECT_RESPONSE)

Hello. I am new with istio and envoy.

I am trying to make configuration which could answer with code 200 and static text Hello World without any additional backend

I saw familiar request Support for envoy's direct_response?

And as I understand this could be achieved with EnvoyFilter.RouteConfigurationMatch.RouteMatch.Action and DIRECT_RESPONSE

My problem is I can’t find any simple manifests examples with EnvoyFilter.RouteConfigurationMatch

So far I successfully configured Gateway and VirtualService (with additional backend)

How can I now match it with EnvoyFilter and DIRECT_RESPONSE? Any familiar example of using EnvoyFilter.RouteConfigurationMatch would be extremely useful.

Thanks in advance!

The samples for EnvoyFilter are at EnvoyFilter Samples · istio/istio Wiki · GitHub

There is no sample yet for how to do a Direct Response.