Please suggest a EnvoyFilter conf. to overcome Istio limitation on LB consistent-hashing in case of Pod removal

Hi Team,

while going through the Istio documentation ( Istio / Destination Rule ), I got to know Istio limitation for session affinity with statefulset app.
The affinity to a particular destination host will be lost when one or more hosts are added/removed from the destination service.
Is it dependent on pods? This means ideally for 3 pods app. the initial HTTP requests are distributed, once a pod is removed the requests to the deleted pod will be distributed among other 2 pods. and once the third pod is online those distributed requests should again come to original pod. This is seamlessly not happening.
In My use case i was using consistent-hash using HTTP headers. Is there a way that we can support persistent session affinity with deleted pods/restarted pods. Is there a way to support/workaround the same using EnvoyFilter.?