Pods failing when proxy startup is slow


Hi there,

We have encountered an issue with the envoy-proxy not being live before the main application needs to fetch an external url. In some cases this results in the applications dying. In some cases we have changed our own application to retry for up to a second to give the proxy time to startup, but in other cases we are using 3d party applications. In these cases we can workaround the issue by extending the image with an own image that has a built in wait.

Both solutions are quite ugly and I wonder if there is a more beautiful way to approach this issue.






I know this is an existing issue and has come up before. I don’t believe there is a solution yet, but here are a few links with some discussion.



What exactly you are trying to do when you say applications needs to fetch an external URL ?

I had a similar situation where I have to run “openssl”. I used “until” loop to poll if link is available or not. When it is ready, it runs the command.