Pods not balanced from ingressgateway

i am using istio 1.4.8.
and when we get high traffic and pods is autoscaled some of pods don’t get traffic or the traffic is not balanced, it’s weird because i don’t have any log error.
the thing is, the pods with low cpu usage (indicate don’t receive traffic) is in the same node.

you could see there is 4 pods that the cpu is so low and all that pods is on the same nodes
please help if you have any insight about this problem i will give you some logs if needed but actually there is no anomaly in the logs.

ISTIO has nothing to do with autoscaling. Well not entirely unless Destination rules come into consideration. Pods being auto scaled and not being available seems to be an issue with readiness probes if you have one. Other than that I am returning a blank… sorry.

i will check first with the readiness probe. and get more information
oh yeah and when i corded the node and delete pods on that node and let them move it got normal traffic.