Postman SSL Error: Unable to verify the first certificate

I have the ssl certficate zip file and the privatekey.key file. In total I have the certificate file .crt and another .crt with the name bundle.crt and a .pem file along with the private key with an extensin .key.

Now I am trying to use it to create a secret in istio using these files. I am able to create a secret with these files (thecertificate.cert and the privatekey.key and not using the .pem and bundle.cert file) but then when I use in my istio ingress gateway configuration and test it, I get an error on Postman: SSL Error: Unable to verify the first certificate.

Here are the details:

# kubectl create -n istio-system secret tls dibbler-certificate --key=privatekey.key --cert=thecertificate.crt

# kubectl get secrets -n istio-system

output: dibbler-certificate


kind: Gateway
  name: dibbler-gateway
    istio: ingressgateway
  - port:
      number: 443
      name: https
      protocol: HTTPS
      mode: SIMPLE
      # serverCertificate: /etc/istio/ingressgateway-certs/tls.crt
      # privateKey: /etc/istio/ingressgateway-certs/tls.key
      credentialName: dibbler-certificate
    - "" # domain name goes here

The config looks right other than there are two servers:.
Would worth to double check your local has trusted this root CA.

Hi @Marco_Li , thank you for your response but I was able to solve the issue. Two servers was an error too but the important thing is I had to concatenate the godaddy ssl certificate.crt & the bundle.crt and then used the private key to create a secret. Now it’s workng fine.