Proposed Mesh UID for telemetry, needs input from config WG about where to store it

On today’s Policy & Telemetry WG we discussed Proposal: adding Mesh UID for telemetry and approved this idea, pending feedback from the Config team on where to store this configuration.

The question is, as we introduce a Mesh UID, where should this live? Within MeshConfig? As a new CRD? (MeshDetails? MeshIdentity?)

Design doc:

Please let me know how to proceed. Can we discuss this on the July 25 sync up?

Let’s have a meeting to discuss this. As much as MeshConfig is a mess, we need something along those lines for pushing plane-level configuration. It can be a new CRD.

Update on this: we discussed, and decided it should go in MeshConfig for now.

(We’d likely eventually move this to be a CRD in the context of a TBD larger plan to secure Mesh UID and use it as part of identity.)

There is a separate thread - networking has a mesh domain, can we use that to reduce complexity/overlap ? And we certainly should pass it to citadel.

Update: Costin and I resolved this.

Our conclusions are summarized at Proposal: adding Mesh UID for telemetry, and I have updated the design doc.