QoS/DSCP in istio

Is there any way to set the DSCP bits on outgoing IP traffic in istio?

Or any other method of presenting QoS information to the underlying network?

The use-case here is traffic flowing from one kubernetes cluster to another on a congested WAN link, and being able to prioritise certain real time traffic over bulk data

I don’t think that’s supported, in part because of reluctance for the proxy to run with CAP_NET_ADMIN. Generally our users have been more concerned with not requiring root-like privs,

But I do think it is a valid use case for any one wants to contribute it. This would touch both Envoy and Istio.

You can also mark packets with iptables, but I think you want to set the bits differently depending on L7 features and that’s not something iptables could do without the help of Istio.

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