Service "istio-sidecar-injector" not found


I’m new to Istio in general, recently I took over a kubeflow project using istio on EKS.

I recently moved the istio deployments to a newly created node group (using NodeSelector in the deployment) to help protect it from being autoscaled. And now I’m having this weird problem.

At first, istio-ingressgateway had 0/1 pods, and investigation showed that it was happening because of the following error:
$ kubectl describe deploy istio-ingressgateway -n istio-system

  Type     Reason        Age                  From                   Message
  ----     ------        ----                 ----                   -------
  Warning  FailedCreate  14m (x115 over 26h)  replicaset-controller  Error creating: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "": Post https://istio-sidecar-injector.istio.svc:443/inject?timeout=30s: service "istio-sidecar-injector" not found

But when I run
$ kubectl get service istio-sidecar-injector -n istio-system
I get

NAME                     TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)   AGE
istio-sidecar-injector   ClusterIP   <none>        443/TCP   66d

So the service appears to be there. I tried backing up, deleting and restoring the istio-sidecar-injector deployment, and now also istio-sidecar-injector fails with the same error.

Any idea what can be causing this?

Thanks in advance

The inrgess gateway should not be getting auto injected. I suggest inspecting the configuration of the webhook (kubectl get -oyaml) to determine how it is configured. Likely this mean istio-system is label istio-injection=enabled maybe?

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Thank you @howardjohn That was the issue! I have no idea how that label go there, but the services are running now.

But I can’t seem to connect to my cluster (kubeflow on port 80) and when I run get ingress i see it does not have an address.

$  kubectl get ingress -n istio-system
istio-ingress   *                 80      67d