ServiceEntry.Endpoints and WorkloadEntry


I noticed that Endpoints was removed/hidden from SidecarEntry - however we just moved the API to beta, and 1.5 clearly didn’t deprecate them.

And it is not even clear we want to deprecate - it is not a big burden to continue to support them by automatically converting them to WorkloadEntry, so users don’t have to be exposed to extra churn. The bar for removing a beta API should be
very high - additions and easier ways to express something, like WorkloadEntry, are great, but once something is reviewed/approved as beta we need to do our
best to support the users - even if it has extra maintenance costs.

I remember that we discussed that the ‘wire format’ is the same - so in practice this is not a problem for most users - the yaml and proto do not change, and users will not have to make changes. But maybe we should still keep the old proto around, with a Deprecated notice or have some docs explaining what happened.