Services "istio-pilot" not found, when trying "Shared control plane (multi-network)" on EKS 1.14

Background: 2 x AWS EKS stack, Kubernetes version 1.14, Platform version eks.9, istio-1.5.0

I’m following this guide to setup Shared control plane (multi-network), got these errors when doing “Setup cluster 2”.

Any tips? Thanks!

`$ istioctl manifest apply --context=CTX_CLUSTER2 \ --set profile=remote \ --set values.gateways.enabled=true \ --set \ --set \ --set \ --set{LOCAL_GW_ADDR}
–set values.gateways.istio-ingressgateway.env.ISTIO_META_NETWORK=“network2”

  • Applying manifest for component Base…
    2020-03-13T14:11:19.644688Z error installer error running kubectl: exit status 1
    ✘ Finished applying manifest for component Base.

  • Applying manifest for component Pilot…
    :heavy_check_mark: Finished applying manifest for component Pilot.
    2020-03-13T14:11:29.235035Z error installer Failed to wait for resource: resources not ready after 10m0s: services “istio-pilot” not found

  • Applying manifest for component IngressGateways…
    :heavy_check_mark: Finished applying manifest for component IngressGateways.

Component Base - manifest apply returned the following errors:
Error: error running kubectl: exit status 1

✘ Errors were logged during apply operation. Please check component installation logs above.

Error: failed to apply manifests: errors were logged during apply operation

P.S. the way I created 2 x EKS clusters, i.e. cluster1 and cluster2

$ eksctl create cluster
–name cluster1
–region us-east-1
–nodegroup-name standard-workers
–node-type t3.medium
–nodes 2
–nodes-min 1
–nodes-max 3
–ssh-public-key eks


It’s because you are trying with Istio 1.5, I suspect that the documentation for 1.5 version is not up to date. Also, in upgrade changes, they recommend to not use 1.5 version for shared control plane once there are some known issues.

"We recommend that you do not upgrade to Istio 1.5.0 if you are using a multicluster setup.

Istio 1.5.0 multicluster setup has several known issues (27102, 21676) that make it unusable in both shared control plane and replicated control plane deployments. These issues will be resolved in Istio 1.5.1."