Setting pilot.jwksResolverExtraRootCA using Secrets

Hi All,

I see extra root CA can be set using below options
1. When installing via helm, you can now specify a PEM-encoded certificate in pilot.jwksResolverExtraRootCA in your values.yaml to trust an additional CA certificate
2. During installation you can directly specify your certificate as a command-line argument

But looking for an option to set the pilot.jwksResolverExtraRootCA contents from secrets. Like, storing the pem content in secret and reference the mount path in values.yaml.

Kindly advice on how to proceed. Thanks in advance.

G Dinesh Krishnan

I think this is a useful feature, would you to open a feature request on github? thanks.

Thank you for the response.

Raised feature request for the same - Setting pilot.jwksResolverExtraRootCA using Secrets · Issue #29901 · istio/istio · GitHub