Share data from check to report call

Is it possible to share data between check and report calls both for success and error check calls?

I’ve seen that it’s possible implementing a custom template (TEMPLATE_VARIETY_CHECK_WITH_OUTPUT) and setting a response header that afterwards is mapped in the metric instance (for the check error scenario DirectHttpResponse could be used to set the header), but I want to avoid returning any extra headers to the client service. I also want to avoid doing the correlation on the adapters side.
Thanks for any suggestions!

Is this an accurate summary: you don’t want to return information to the proxy from Check that can be used in Report and you don’t want to implement a single adapter that provides both Check and Report templates and handles correlation?

If that is indeed an accurate summary, I would like to understand a bit more about how this would ideally function to meet your use case. What data would you like to share? And where is it generated?

FWIW, In the future architecture (1.3 will expose an early prototype), there will be a straightforward solution, as everything will be handled in-proxy.

Your summary is accurate.
I don’t want to return the info to the proxy because it may include policy violation details or other data obtained from the policy check logic that is not intended to be available to the caller but it’s needed for reporting.
Regarding the correlation on the adapter side I disregarded it because I may need to scale it and in that case the check and report calls for a particular request could hit different replicas and I’d like to avoid a shared memory or something like that.
Ideally I would need to generate an attribute from the check call to be available in report.