Some Newbie questions

Hi, just a few newbie things I’m trying to figure out:

  1. Does it make sense to use NginX Ingress with Istio? Should I get rid of all ingress.yaml from my charts and use Gateway and VirutualService?

  2. We currently use jetstack/cert-manager to create certs for NginX Ingress. Does Istio use jetstack/cert-manager? Or what’s the equivalent to provide certs for Ingress? And is same used for the mesh mTLS?

  3. Also, we currently use these charts. But it looks like Istio already provides these? So should we get rid of these charts and just use what’s provided by Istio chart? Are they the same?

  • stable/prometheus-operator
  • incubator/jaeger

Hi Deasun,

  1. Nginx with ingress: Actually Envoy is used as an ingress but nginx could be used
  2. Cert-manager could be deploy during Istio installation with the helm chart
  3. For Prometheus and Jaeger, you can use your own, for prometheus you can provide information regarding your endpoint with the helm chart, regarding Jaegger you have to made some customisation in order to configure envoy proxy to send trace to your backend.