Support SDS ingress sidecar for Egress Gateway deployment

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Forking this off from the original megathread for Egress Gateway enhancements, so that we can continue discussing SDS support for Egress Gateway here.
From the issue I can see @Tao_Li you assigned the task to yourself. Is this something you are definitely planning to add support for in the future istio release ?

Would love to keep the ball rolling for this one!!

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Unfortunately we have something more urgent coming up which means we don’t have bandwidth for now. Is this something you guys can help and we can provide guidance?


@Tao_Li We are definitely interested in helping out. I will discuss the logistics with my team and get back on this shortly.

@Tao_Li I would like to start contributing to this task. Whenever you have time can you chalk out a few things I will need to do to get started ? Meanwhile I am sifting through the documentation and the codebase myself to see how this can be enabled.