Updated Repo Stuff


I thought I’d give everyone a heads-up about changes that have been going on in our source organization, and imminent further changes:

  • We’ve moved the operator and installer repos from the istio-ecosystem organization to the Istio organization.

  • We’ve introduce the istio/pkg repo that holds common general-purpose packages that we share between components. These packages were primarily extracted from istio/istio/pkg.

  • We’ve introduced the istio/common-files repo that contains files that should be replicated across all our repos. This for things like standard linter rules, standard Makefile targets, etc. There are several PRs outstanding in different repos to take advantage of this feature.

  • We’ve moved a bunch of repos to use Mergify to manage the commit process. In all those repos, you don’t use /foo commands like /lgtm but instead just use the normal GitHub PR approval buttons. The only repo still using the /foo command are istio/istio, istio/api, and istio/test-infra.

  • I’m going to be consolidating our mess of Dockerfiles from various repos into the tools repo. The tools repo is where all the build-related docker images will be built.

  • Similarly, I’m going to be consolidating various build tools into the tools repo such that they can be included in the above Docker images and be usable from all our repos. This is for things like common linters, and the like.

I think that covers most of the recent and upcoming changes in this space. Please let me know if you have any questions.