Upgrade Instructions

I am trying to upgrade from Istio Version 1.2.x to latest (1.5.x). And I need to perform the step-by-step version upgrade.
So, to do that I am trying to get to 1.3.x, but I find the documentation for the upgrade steps is not clear / not loading fully.

Here is the link I tried. I’m trying to perform Control Plane Upgrade using Kubernetes Rolling Upgrade strategy.

I tried Chrome as well as Firefox browsers.

Is there a way I can get it to load? Or is there an alternate location I can look up the info.

Due to this, I am blocked from upgrading process itself. Any help is appreciated.

For folks looking at this, the alternative way is to be able to look at document source in the 1.3 release branch that should help with the process until site generator issue is fixed.