Using Istio without Istio Ingress Gateway

Is it possible to use Istio with Kubernetes Ingress? We have already setup K8s Ingress on our cluster and would like to continue using this Ingress to bring traffic into the cluster.

I want to enable Istio injection on the namespace managed by the K8s Ingress and use Istio’s mTLS feature without using the Istio Ingress Gateway controller.

Do we have to annotate the Ingress with the Istio Ingress class? How do we use Istio without the Istio Ingress Gateway?

If you want to keep using the same ingress controller (i.e. you don’t want to use Istio’s ingress gateway controller), then don’t annotate the Ingress resource – annotation allows you to keep using the Ingress resource with the Istio’s ingress gateway controller.