Volunteers needed for Istio Contributor Summit

Hi everyone! As you may have heard, we are organizing the Istio Contributor Summit, which will take place on the last week of February 2021. We are looking for volunteers :star2: for 1 open slot in the event’s Program Committee.
:point_right:t4: Interested candidates must:

  • be contributors to the project in any area (code, documentation, community organizing, PM, technical writing, website maintenance, etc)
  • have been actively contributing to Istio project for the last 4 months
  • email mpcruz@google.com and aiz@google.com a paragraph stating why you want to volunteer in the Istio Contributor Summit Program Committee.

:point_right:t4: Responsibilities of the Program Committee members include:

  • Selecting sessions from the CFP
  • Building event schedule
  • Outreaching to invited speakers
  • Designing special sessions, like the Roadmap Day

Please submit your nomination by October 26, 2020.