WasmPlugin with ImagePullSecret

I am using Istio 1.12 (Anthos Service mesh with in-cluster control plane) and I am trying to get a Hello World wasm plugin to work. When using an public image, such as New in Istio 1.12: Wasm-based extensions and ecosystem - Tetrate, it works, and I can also pull Kubernetes images in a pod using that given secret.

Has anyone got this working with an imagePullSecret?

apiVersion: extensions.istio.io/v1alpha1
kind: WasmPlugin
  name: hello-world
      app.kubernetes.io/name: hello-world
  url: europe-west1-docker.pkg.dev/REDACTED/test/wasm-hello-world:latest
  imagePullPolicy: Always
  imagePullSecret: regcred
  phase: AUTHN
    aaa: 3

Error message: 2021-12-22T10:01:50.007496Z error wasm cannot fetch Wasm module oci://europe-west1-docker.pkg.dev/REDACTED/test/wasm-hello-world:latest: could not fetch Wasm OCI image: could not fetch image: GET https://europe-west1-docker.pkg.dev/v2/token?scope=repository%3AREDACTED%2Ftest%2Fwasm-hello-world%3Apull&service=europe-west1-docker.pkg.dev: DENIED: Permission “artifactregistry.repositories.downloadArtifacts” denied on resource “projects/REDACTED/locations/europe-west1/repositories/test” (or it may not exist)

Ok it seems it is not yet implemented