What version is required for TLS pass-through?



I’ve been trying to figure out if there is a way to see which Istio version that is required for certain features (if there’s a good way, please point me to it!)

I have a cluster on GKE, running Managed Istio and I want to use the feature described here

Ingress Gateway without TLS Termination

Basically let the Gateway pass through the HTTPS traffic and let my ingress terminate it. Currently Managed Istio on GKE is running Istio 1.0.6 https://cloud.google.com/istio/docs/istio-on-gke/release-notes and want to know if the feature will be available to me or not :smiley:





Yes, support for TLS without termination has been around since 0.8 IIRC. Certainly 1.0+ have it. There is not a convenient way to see when each feature was introduced short of the release notes or looking at older versions of istio.io.