Which Version of Istio Has Envoy version 1.19.0 or newer?

The environment I’m running Istio has been bitten by this bug in Envoy where HTTP 1xx responses will get the the header Transfer Encoding added. Envoy fixed this bug and it landed in Envoy release 1.19.0.

I’m currently running Istio 1.9.6 and the envoy version is

 $ kubectl -n websocket-test exec -it pod/websocket-test-6fc8869f59-7dc7c -c istio-proxy -- pilot-agent request GET server_info --log_as_json | jq {version}
  "version": "172db4cfdf037bc8cf1613969f94c25b6198bc4f/1.17.1/Clean/RELEASE/BoringSSL"

This is my networking setup which doesn’t like this bug at all

Ambassador ---> Istio Ingress gateway ---> Istio Proxy ---> Websocket pod

I’d prefer not to disable strict_1xx_and_204_response_headers in Ambassador which was set to false in istio. I am not sure Ambassador has a way to configure this. I’d prefer to upgrade Istio instead.

What version of Istio has a version of Envoy 1.19.0 or newer so I can get the bug fix?

Based on release notes if I ugprade to 1.11 it should work?

  • Fixed an issue causing proxies to send Transfer-Encoding headers with 1xx and 204 responses.

Moving up to Istio 1.11 has done the trick.