Wrong destination_service_name in proxyv2 1.17.0

After update Istio from 1.16.4 to 1.17.0 I do see, that destination_service_name in the proxyv2 metrics was changed. It affects Kiali service map.

We use ServiceEntry with hosts like *.example.service.consul with WorkloadSelector points (by labels) to the original service example

In proxyv2 ver 1.16.4 destination_service_name was = *.example.service.consul
In proxyv2 ver 1.17.0 destination_service_name = * (for all the services!)

If I start some pod with proxyv2 ver 1.16.4 (and istio CP 1.17.0), then metrics (for this pod) goes back to normal. I mean, it is not related to the bootstrap config (or any other), that istiod sends to the agent (proxyv2).

some screenshots


I’m trying to find where it was changed in the code of proxyv2 and/or envoy.
But, it will take some time (years :slight_smile: ) for me

I would suggest reporting this as a Bug issue in Issues · istio/istio · GitHub.

Ok, i hope that some one also have the same issue to confirm before creating an issue in github.

Issue created: Wrong destination_service_name in metrics proxyv2 1.17.0 · Issue #44602 · istio/istio · GitHub

Solved in version 1.18.0