Zuul with Istio on Kubernetes


I’ve been looking all over and can’t find any instructions for using Zuul as an API gateway integrated with Istio on Kubernetes. My employer has lots of experience with Zuul and wants to use it with Istio. Ideally Zuul would be integrated with Istio; instead of being integrated with Eureka or the other Netflix OSS components.

I have done some investigation and found installation guides for other API Gateways such as Gloo and Ambassador and Kong. However I have not seen any article on using Zuul as an API gateway with Istio on Kubernetes. I have also found a number of problems/potential problems cited on this site and on the stack overflow site.

So I am reaching out to the Istio community to see if any of you have seen such an article or can point me in the right direction for crafting such a solution. If not, no worries, I’ll just have to dig a little deeper.



Links for using other API Gateways with Istio