Add requests' method as dimension to metrics

I have a Service Mesh with several GRPC services and I would like to gather some more context over the current metrics provided by Istio. I have not found the request method information among the metrics’ tags and such information would be really handy to have.

I have been doing some research but could not find a way to add this information to the metrics. The more promising piece of information I found was the manifest named ‘namespace-metrics’ at Istio / Telemetry which looks like it should be adding that information to the Istio metrics. However, adding that manifest to the istio-system namespace (aiming at enabling it for all the cluster) did not do anything.

Is there any way to get this information in the metrics?

I have installed Istio v1.13.3 through the Helm charts (base, istiod and gateway) in a Kubernetes cluster v1.21.12.

Your service metrics is tight with the business logic, do not think istio can collect that for you. Guessing you have to write some script collecting the dimension from the POD(s)