Detailed gRPC metrics out of the box

Hey, I’m currently on istio 1.3.5 and after setting up a new grpc service I had a look at the out-of-the-box metrics, i.e. istio-requests-total-* in Prometheus. I can see it has labels like request_protocol=“grpc”,response_code=“200”, but nothing like grpc_service and grpc_method.

I wonder if this feature is available in newer versions of Istio or is planned for future releases? The reason I care is that if I can offload this to Istio, my service will become much lighter and I won’t be duplicating metrics in a hundred places.

In Istio 1.5 there is the new grpc_response_status field that reports the grpc code when request_protocol=“grpc”. There is no plan to report any other grpc information in the telemetry. The source/dest workload/service information is unchanged and is relavant for grpc/http/tcp etc.