Grpc status codes in telemetry


Question on grpc status codes - particular within the telemetry as stored in prometheus.

Currently the outer http2 connection is always a 200 even if the “inside” grpc call is failing. i.e. The response code for grpc protocol seems to always be 200 in telemetry.

Is it possible to somehow get the true grpc status code in telemetry somewhere?


Yes. See: response.grpc_status and response.grpc_message (


Hi Doug, Is there any plan to have istio_requests_total.response_code be set to response.grpc_status when istio_requests_total.request_protocol=“grpc”?

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@douglas-reid, Any follow-up here? Should I convert this to a github issue?


@jshaughn yes, please convert to a GH issue. that will make it much easier to track.


@douglas-reid Thanks, here you go: