Announcing Community Testing Week for Istio 1.17.0 release

Hello Istio Community,

As we start preparing for the final 1.17 release cut, we would like to announce the start of the 1.17.0 Istio Community Testing Week starting today, 01/31/2023 to 2/6/2023.

Like previous community testing events, we will be using a community testing spreadsheet to help us track the testing efforts (includes reviewing and testing the docs and writing automated test cases where applicable). The spreadsheet has been revamped from previous versions and updated to reflect the latest docs with updated priorities and automated test status.

The Getting Started tab in the spreadsheet contains instructions on what/how to test and how the tests are organized across the spreadsheet. If you do not have access to view/edit the document, please Join the Istio Community and request access to the Istio Team Drive. The community testing will be asynchronous and offline (meaning, you can test it at your own pace and update the status using the spreadsheet). The release managers will be using this spreadsheet to track progress of testing. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us on the #release-1.17 slack channel.

We appreciate your help with testing the release candidates for the 1.17 release and helping us ensure the completion of a successful release.

A few important and upcoming dates(tentative) related to the 1.17.0 release:

  • 01/31/2023 - 02/06/2023: Async community testing week
  • 02/08/2023: Code Freeze/ RC build released
  • 02/13/2023: 1.17.0 official release day

Thank you.

Mariam John & Paul Merrison, on behalf of the 1.17 Release Manager team.

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