Apply a Virtual Service to a Selected Sidecar

Hi all,

Is it possible to apply a Virtual Service to selected set of sidecars? I understand that specifying ‘mesh’ for gateways section makes it applicable to all sidecars in the mesh, and have tried that. Am trying to assign different Virtual Services to different sidecars.

I’m using Istio 1.0.2. If not supported in this version, is it supported in latest?

Hi all,

Any input on this? I’m not sure if applying VirtualServices selectively for sidecars is not a valid usecase or if it violates some base assumptions in Istio networking. Would be great to have a proper explanation if so.

sourceLabels are used to apply rules to specific workloads/sidecars with the mesh.

You can also use a Sidecar config to exclude virtual services from a sidecar.

Thanks, @frankbu. I’m trying the first option with sourceLabels since Sidecar config support seem to be not available in the version I’m using (1.0.2).