"mesh" gateway in VirtualService

Hi folks,

On this page: https://istio.io/docs/reference/config/networking/virtual-service/, it says this for the gateways field:

The reserved word mesh is used to imply all the sidecars in the mesh. When this field is omitted, the default gateway ( mesh ) will be used, which would apply the rule to all sidecars in the mesh. If a list of gateway names is provided, the rules will apply only to the gateways. To apply the rules to both gateways and sidecars, specify mesh as one of the gateway names.

In my case, I only have my gateway name, but I’m actually able to talk to the service from another container within the cluster and I can see the virtual service rules apply (traffic splitting, header match). But the above statement says that I also need to have “mesh”. Could this be outdated information?


Hmm, I stand corrected. I tried it again. I think it’s just regular load-balancing that’s happening. The traffic split I specified does not seem to be the one taking effect.

When I add “mesh” and then specify the host as the full “svcname.namespace.svc.cluster.local”, traffic split starts to work. However, the header rule still doesn’t. I’ll create a separate thread for it.