Cannot download 1.1 snapshot.4

A colleague of mine is trying to download the latest 1.1 snapshot 4 “release” (I put “release” in quotes because it really hasn’t been released in github - it is still in “Draft” - see )

Well, for some reason we can’t wget or curl the link you see on that page:

(Discuss Istio won’t let me put more than two links in this post - so I’m gonna hack this URL up so it passes this odd restriction) h t t p s : // github . com/istio/istio/releases/download/untagged-7b29c0e6c64f1d868ff3/istio-1.1.0-snapshot.4-linux.tar.gz

If my browser is in incognito mode, it also cannot download it.

But if I’m logged into github, I can download it.

This post - Status of Istio 1.1 - said to use the link github . com / istio / istio / archive / but that is source, not the release (no istioctl binary for example).

Is there some permissions required? Because I can download it (only when logged into github) but my colleague cannot.

How do non-Istio members download the 1.1 snapshot.4 binary?

Sorry, I confused the source archive with the binary distribution.

You could download the snapshot release from here:

I will update my post on the mentioned thread.