Istio 1.1 Needs You!

Greetings Istio Aficionados,

Yesterday we created Istio 1.1.0-snapshot.6 - February 2019 Pre-Release.

Snapshot6 is only a few PRs shy of RC0, our first 1.1 release candidate, so we’d greatly appreciate your help testing it. While our automated unit tests, integration tests, e2e tests, performance tests, and long-running burn-in tests give us a pretty clear signal, we still need help from everyone in the community to step through the preliminary 1.1 documentation and confirm our documentation actually works for Istio 1.1.

If you can help us, please:

  • Add your github handle to the testing signup sheet and put “X” against line items that you would like to test. If you cannot access this sheet, email and I’ll share it with you.
  • Perform the test and if there are no bugs, replace “X” with “Done”.
  • If you run into bugs/issues then please open an entry in GitHub and add the link inplace of “X”.

Additionally, there will be a Testing Q&A session on Thursday 2/21/19 9am-1pm PT.

  • This session is intended for people who have claimed items in the testing signup sheet to ask questions, get help, and raise issues.
  • Representatives from each component will be in attendance so please take advantage of it.
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Hi @geeknoid , my company has given me freedom to work in istio full time, I can help in testing it up.

Till time, I can find some tasks to work on code/test part, can help in testing in traffic policy.

Just one question, is it okay to test on minikube?

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Hi @geeknoid, Can you give me edit access to the sheet. Would like to help testing below:

  1. Installation with Ansible (Works with kubernetes. Could not verify on OpenShift)
  2. Minimal Istio Installation (found this issue)
  3. Edge Traffic Management Examples section

@murarisumit it – yes, in general testing on Minikube should be fine. Thanks for your help!

Hi there,

If you cannot access this sheet, email and I’ll share it with you.


Thanks @geeknoid! Able to access/edit the sheet.

Thank you everyone for the tremendous support we’ve received for testing Istio 1.1.

Much progress has been made already, but don’t worry, if you still want to get involved much work remains to be done. Please jump in and claim a few rows in the 1.1 testing signup & progress gsheet

Also we just published our first release candidate tonight! The delta from 1.1.0-snapshot.6 is pretty small, but please take a moment to switch your test setups to pick up 1.1.0-rc.0.

Finally, the first of two online super mega testing sessions is scheduled tomorrow Thursday, Feb 21st from 9am – 1pm PT. The second is set for Tuesday, Feb 26th, again from 9am - 1pm PT . You can find these meetings and their hangouts links in the community calendar. (I’ll send a link to that separately. Since this is my first post here, I’m getting hit by a limit of max 2 links per post)



Here is a link to the community calendar. You can find the hangouts links here.

And here is the delta from 1.1.0-snapshot.6 to 1.1.0-rc.0.

Can someone please invite me to the slack channel? myy address is: kewlvishnu @ gmail . com

Can someone invite me to slack channel. Email is tiago.f.silva @ tecnico . ulisboa . pt

To join the slack channel, please fill out this form