Istio 1.1 lockdown & release status

Hello everyone,

Today we had a go/no-go meeting to decide whether we are ready to build the final 1.1 release. We decided ‘no-go’ because we need more time to prepare the 1.1 documentation (see to get an idea of the scope) and there are a small number of things we’d really like to improve before we ship. So, we decided:

  1. Create 1.1rc3 tomorrow March 7th. We think this is essentially a shippable release with lots of doc bugs. There are still some issues we’d like to fix, but they also exist in 1.0 and we can still address them after 1.1 ships in 1.1.x releases.
  2. Focus on fixing the doc issues with Doc Day on Friday March 8th and well into next week. You can find the details on the community calendar.
  3. In parallel we will perform a full release qual on 1.1rc3.
  4. Everyone with administrative privileges (duderino, utka, wenchenglu, linsun, rshriram, and geeknoid) will no longer merge PRs against the release-1.1 branch unless they address a bug on a 1.1 shortlist (sorry discourse refuses to let me add the link to the shortlist!) and are low risk or have risk that can be appropriately mitigated.
  5. Adding new issues to the 1.1 shortlist requires agreement from all admins that are not on vacation.
  6. When it looks like the documentation is nearing completion, we will create the final release and repeat the release qualification.




Apparently thought I was a spammer and Martin had to intervene. Let’s see if this works…

Here’s the link to the 1.1 shortlist.

To access that you have to join the istio-team-drive-access@ group if you haven’t already.