Capture inbound traffic to ingressgateway (in multi-gateway deployment)

Can kiali capture inbound traffic to an ingress-gateway.

In our scenario we have a set of gateways (ingress/egress) per namespace (for Network Policy firewalled namespaces) per namespace instead of single gateway pairs per mesh.

We wish to capture traffic from an egressgateway of NS-A to the ingressgateway of NS-B.

Is this possible at all ?

This is more a question for Istio’s Policies & Telemetry people.

I haven’t setup a scenario like yours. If you have a working setup, please check if there is any telemetry in Prometheus linking the ingress/egress gateways. Kiali relies on this telemetry to build a graph of the mesh. Assuming your services are HTTP, the timeserie to look is istio_requests_total.

cc @douglas-reid